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Purchase less then 10 branded bikes? Roetz-Bikes will appear in one of the four standard colours with your logo or graphic on the frame and dress guard.

turning heads 

To attract more eyeballs, we add branded panels and customize the frame in your corporate RAL-colour. This is possible when you order a minimum of 10 bicycles.


To stand out from the crowd, we also make the rims in your custom-colour and brand the wooden crate

corporate signature bike

Grab your customers’ attention and stand out from the competition with a bike as mobile billboard. Offer a branded Roetz-Bike as reward for employees and partners or as a prize in your next promotional campaign. Bikes are a great alternative in your company’s mobility and CSR-strategy: no CO2-emissions, no parking spaces needed and healthy employees burning calories instead of fossil fuels.


There is more that meets the eye. A Roetz-Bike comes with a sustainable and social story to tell via your company’s social media, employees and CSR-report, just to name a few. Check out our story

why a roetz branded bike?

Unique branding opportunity with a good story to tell

Customizable to your brand identity

Hand-made in Amsterdam with short delivery times

Contribution to your company's CSR and HR-programs 

Our circular approach contributes to a more sustainable planet

Re-using material is a smart cost-saver compared to purchasing new bikes


Just e-mail us your company logo. We'll send you a mock-up of your branded Roetz-Bike and a quotation - no strings attached. Let us know the amount of bicycles you are looking for!

Get your offer!

WHat our customers say

Steif bike rental

Steif bikerental wants to offer the 'ultimate ride' to everyone exploring the coast of North Holland. Steif combines three things: a pleasant ride, a unique design and caring for sustainability.

A bike with a story - this is what Roetz is to us. We met years ago, both companies with unique concepts and growing steadily. When we met again, the spark was still there and we knew it's time to collaborate. is the world leader in booking accommodation online. They offered staff working in their Amsterdam headquarters a Roetz branded bike for their CO2-free and healthy commute.

We decided for Roetz-Bikes as they are not only stylish but are also produced responsibly. Our staff rides them with pride and gets lots of compliments. 

Simon Levelt

Simon Levelt's passion for tea and coffee goes hand in hand with craftsmanship and caring for people and environment. Their Roetz branded bikes work as mobile billboards for customers passing their shops.

Our cooperation with Roetz ran smoothly. Roetz is flexible and solution focused.

circular design

Where others see a discarded bike with broken parts and full of rust, we see valuable materials. Circular design is a matter of perspective and needs us all to re-think the way we make stuff.

Designing products that can be 'made to be made again'. 
- Ellen MacArthur Foundation 

The entire Roetz concept is based on 'remanufacturing'. Founder Tiemen ter Hoeven was inspired by the automotive industry, where remanufacturing is common practice. 

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Fleet management

Roetz-Bikes re-manufactures 1.000 OV-fietsen a year in the Amsterdam-based Fair Factory. This is the largest re-manufacturing program for bikes ever in the Netherlands. 

Roughly 70% of the old bike is re-used which reduced the footprint by 14,5 ton raw materials annually and makes the NS less dependent on raw material prices. Ten Roetz-makers have the opportunity to learn a new profession thanks to this remanufacturing project by Nationale Spoorwegen.

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