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Become an Ambassador

Our ambassador ride for free!

Are you enthusiastic about the bikes and way of production from Roetz-Bikes? With that enthusiasm you can earn a free bike as an ambassador. Of course, not without some effort: can you arrange for your employer to start using Roetz-Bikes as company-bikes? As ambassador you will earn a free bike for yourself!

What is a company bike?

A Roetz company bike is a bike that is sturdy, in the style of your organization. More and more companies are discovering that our stylish, sustainably produced bikes are an amazing business card for their organization. Employees, guests and other relations ride on a beautiful, outstanding and responsible bike that carries the name of your organization! Could it get any better?

Become an ambassador, how does it work? 

In 5 simple steps you can earn your bike: 

  1. Ensure that your employee pick Roetz for your company-bikes in the identity of your organization (at least 5 bikes). 
  2. Decide what your ideal company bike looks like (see here for the options).
  3. Let us know how many bikes you want, in what colors and where you want your branding, via we will take care of the design and a quotation. 
  4. Confirm your choice to Roetz-Bikes. 
  5. Roetz will start building to make sure that you and your colleagues can steel the show on the bike lanes as soon as possible! 

You will receive your own unique bike, as a thank you for your efforts. As an ambassador we will keep you up to date with all our news.

Do you have any questions about company bikes or the ambassadorship? See us in the office or contact our team. 

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